Produced for a screening at the fashion show „Modeakt15“, this video was very spontaineous. We shot during a very short period, experimenting with light, dance movements and the very right edit in the end.

Modeakt15 is a collective of students from the class B of the fashion – design – textile college at “Die Herbststraße – Mode & Kunst” school complex in Vienna. 28 collections were specially designed and produced, and then were presented on the 6th of March 2015 at the MGC Modecenter in context with the fashion show. We made a short version for the internet and a long one directly screened at the fashion show.


  • Modeakt15 contacted me, with the idea of producing an Intro Video for their fashion show. They wanted to go out into the streets, promoting their show with some posters and planned a party afterwards.


  • I saw the potential to combine demonstration, partying and sewing shots in a dynamic montage, bringing all of this different locations together into one flowing motion.