From heart I create unique video pieces, with quick transitions little depth of focus, stop motion, hyper lapse, dynamic editing and more. I love to create dreamy, melancholic and very emotional atmospheres.


Together with you, I create concepts. I start finding and creating good ideas first, which is hard work. I am used to the process of creating and throwing away as many ideas as possible, until we find the right one for your need. If the idea or creative input strikes you, I start building the concept around it. Imagine developing a concept with you, ideally should feel like playing ping pong.


I love to be spontaneous and intuitive. I believe shooting in small teams, without having an equipment overload gives you the freedom to find the shots nobody could imagine before. Developing good ideas and realizing them is nothing i can do overnight, so be prepared we need some time for producing it.


Postproduction is where the puzzle and all the creative ideas get to collude. I edit, mix, sound design and grade the footage, to bring it together to an unique piece we have all been looking for. This is when the real magic happens. Through the whole creative process, I know that communicating my workflow and keeping you up to date, is one of the most important and most crucial parts of creating a video we are all happy with.

If you wish I can go beyond video – My friends are graphic designers, composers, illustrators, animators so we are able to realize cross media projects too.